Stone & Sprocket was developed in response to the growing evidence that children have less contact with the outdoors and the associated teaching and learning complexities that come with that. We strive to support early childhood educators, outside school hours care educators and early intervention/ inclusion support educators to be professional, ethical, comfortable and dynamic in their approach to caring for and providing education to children. 



We believe that families, children, educators and the wider community deserve the best quality professional support. We strive to develop courses, workshops, seminars and inservices that respond to the community's needs at the current time. We base our interactions on relationships and use evidence based practice and self assessment to make decisions about how to adjust practice. We have high expectations of children and educators to be inclusive, ethical and motivated.



- Seek partnerships with local services and community groups

- Support local students, acting as a mentor and/or career advisor

- Offer free resources and reflections for leaders in the community

- Attend local network meetings and public event gatherings to offer support and guidance

- Advcocate for play based learning and connection with the outdoors through conversations and public forums

- Offer a local Playgroup, After School & Holiday Program both indoors and outdoors.

- Offer inservicing and public events that respond to current needs of community. 

Our Team
Rebecca Thompson



Rebecca has spent 20 years in various roles in early childhood, primary and tertiary environments. Her work as an inclusion support educator propelled her in to further study where she obtained a Master of Education (Inclusive Education). Further to this Rebecca is a passionate child's rights advocate and explores curriculum and practice such as nature pedagogy & the loose parts theory to inspire her work with educators supporting children's seemingly challenging behaviour.

Rebecca has two sons of her own and is fascinated by their play. This is what drives her to inspire others to stand for a natural childhood for all children today. For every child to be allowed to play 'their' way. Rebecca is interested in researching the change in children's behaviour who are diagnosed with ADHD/ADD and SPD's when they are exposed to increased outdoor time and heavy work.

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