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Leadership Beginners
Launching in to Leadership

Online Self-paced Course

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Leaders in the Early Childhood profession are required to stay abreast of an ever-changing domain and quickly adapt to thrive in it. This course will provide you with the practical skills to frame your thinking and get you prepared as you launch in to leadership!

Leadership Beginners is a 10 step self paced course for beginning leaders or leaders who are looking to refresh their skills and knowledge. The course has 30 hours content and participants have between 3 months and 12 months to complete. Group chat, tech support and connections to the NQS, EYLF and early childhood leadership theory included. 

Course Contents

Welcome and Introduction

Tell us about you - fill in two quizzies

Get ready to learn checklist


Element 1 - Values and ethics

Two readings

Four short answers

One Group Chat reflection post


Element 2 - Accountability and professional culture

27 minute webinar

Create 1 poster

Complete Self assessment

One Group Chat reflection post


Element 3 - Goal Setting and cycle of self assessment

12 minute Loom explanation video

Four short answers

One reading

Contribute to a brainstorm board


Element 4 - Delivering and receiving feedback

Case Study 1 - 5 questions

Case Study 2 - 3 questions


Element 5 - Dealing with grievances

Two short readings

Respond to 4 scenarios using framework

One reflective question


Element 6 - Applying trust, honesty and respect

Watch 6 minute YouTube video

Create acrostic poem


Element 7 - Effective communication

Complete online quiz 15 questions

Share your score

Watch 2 minute info-video


Element 8 - Collaborative problem solving

Read a manual and provide two quotations

Solve a problem using a framework


Element 9 - Knowing your style and backing yourself


Record a 5 minute speech


Element 10 - Self assessment

Attend a 45 minute Zoom session for self assessment

with our trainer.



Complete our Feedback form

Receive a certificate of completion

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