Dig Deeper

This package is a frame of thinking developed by Rebecca Thompson in 2013. It guides teachers and educators through considerations for the early intervention and support of children's behaviour.

We the illustrated analogy (pictured right) to advocate for behaviour as a way of communicating and ask teachers to adjust environments, practices and attitudes alongside the language they adopt in response to behaviour. This approach is transformative and easy to follow. 

Artist: Cheryl Bruce

Inclusion Support Service Visits

You can also book Rebecca to provide inclusion support coaching and observation with the children.


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Dig Deeper 2 Hour Workshop

This workshop provides your team with a look at the considerations in the root system of the Dig Deeper frame of thinking. Participants will learn to explore their values when guiding behaviour and how to re-think ways to describe and identify behaviours. 

Educators will also have the opportunity to brainstorm reasons for behaviour using the frame of thinking to consider adjustments in pedagogy. 




Dig Deeper 3 Hour Workshop

The three hour workshop includes exploration of values and our image of children, re-thinking behaviour identification and language and explores the seven considerations in depth by asking teams to use a scenario or case study from their experiences. 

Educators will be able to formulate a clear plan of strategies to work with children and families on guiding behaviour and seeking referral. 




Dig Deeper Full Day Workshop (approx 5.5 Hours)

The full day workshop allows you and your team to literally DIG DEEPER in to everything that encompasses working with children who display behaviours that are challenging to us.

You will define what your service believes in relation to your philosophy and policies on inclusion and use the frame of thinking to unpack the way you develop relationships with children and families, the documentation you use, the tempo and pace of the day and your leadership culture. This truly is a transformative experience. 



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