A 'how to' basics workshop that will get you started and refine your systems.

This workshop gives you a chance to see how deeper and more critical thinking occurs in everyday experiences and debates in our profession at large. Leaders, beginning teachers and educators are going to enjoy the practical nature of this session.

You will learn to:

  • Identify why critical thinking is important in early childhood

  • Describe the difference between critical reflection and daily evaluation

  • Discuss the next steps after analysing children's play

  • Formulate a system that prompts you and your team to engage in critical thinking at various intervals in the planning cycle

  • Select ways to inform families that you have engaged in critical thinking




Do you have a big question about early childhood that you would like to test your theory in action?

This opportunity allows you to plan a research project with our facilitation.

Contact us for a list of terms and conditions.




Children are capable of critical thinking, but do we give them the opportunity?

This workshop is full of wonderful examples and stories about times where teachers gave children a chance to think critically.

You will learn to:

- Observe children for longer periods using a variety of data collection methods

- Analyse what you see you multiple perspectives

- Discuss ways to respond to fairness and ethics in early childhood

- Practice practical examples of critical thinking conversations and experiences. 



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