Live Webinars

  • My Loose Parts Heart ONLINE
    Wed, 03 Nov
    Live Webinar
    Watching children use materials in a variety of ways is a fascinating part of our role as educator. This workshop seeks to build knowledge of Simon Nicholson's Loose Part's Theory and challenge ways of preparing, delivering and writing about loose parts in the early childhood education profession.
  • STEM in Early Childhood ONLINE
    Thu, 14 Oct
    Live Webinar
    This online workshop will provide you with an insight into the origins of STEM and how it has been translated and applied in the Australian Early Childhood context.

Our live webinars require participants to attend the webinar in person at the allocated time and date. If you are unable to attend the nominated time and date due to extenuating circumstances you are required to contact at the earliest possible convenience prior to the webinar where possible. Recordings are not available to participants who do not have an extenuating circumstances.