Routine is not a dirty word but how can we find the balance between freedom and 'free-for-all'?

This workshop is based upon discussion about how to get the best out of your program by focusing on the rhythm of the day.  You will leave with a toolkit full of refreshing ideas on the tempo of the day and harmonious connected times with children.

Learning Outcomes:

- Learn about routine as a means of safety, security, familiarity and consistency

- See new ideas on how to plan curriculum around rhythms such as seasons, growth and development, relationships/friendships, community engagement

- Learn the Reggio Emilia approach to 'communitias' and how ritual based practices can enhance connection

- Formulate your own definition of what a routine looks like at your centre and how to review your policies and procedures according to this

QA 2 Children's healthy and safety

QA 5 Relationships with children




Menu planning, cooking in the classroom and growing foods with children are fun, but need good systems in place.

This workshop provides you with all the compliance information regarding your obligations to nutrition and health in early childhood. We also have some fun with food and practice a never-fail dish.

Learning Outcomes:

- To understand your obligations to nutrition in early childhood

- Write philosophies, policies and procedures on healthy eating

- Practice your skills in food preparation and handling

- Discuss barriers and success in growing, cooking and eating with children

QA 1 Educational program and practice

QA 2 Children's health and safety




Get your team up to speed on child protection processes.

This workshop will provide participants with a refreshed knowledge of child protection as well as roles and responsibilities of educators in relation to protection of young children working in Early Childhood.

Learning Outcomes:

- Learn about the UN Convention to the rights of the child and how it applies to our role

- Legal requirements of educators to mandatory reporting

- Providing a child safe environment through materials, language and tempo

- Learn about correct documentation, response and reporting procedures

- How to provide continual support for families and children including linking families to community support

QA 2 Children's health and safety

QA 7 Governance and leadership



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