Does it really matter?

Did you know that play spaces and the 

role environment plays in our teaching is not only about materials and positioning? This workshop takes you through a 

variety of considerations around planning for environments.


Learning Outcomes:

- Learn to discuss the importance of philosophy and personal values as a driver for design

- New ways of observing play and positioning yourself in the play 

- Understanding your role in the play and building intentional teaching techniques

- Create beauty, awe and wonder in play spaces without taking away children's ownership

Quality Area 3 Physical environment

Quality Area 5 Relationships with children

2 hour workshop



Every child needs an environment to thrive in, not merely survive!

This workshop is informed by many years of working in noisy environments and visiting many environments that have successfully used innovative ways to adjust acoustics, create harmony and cherish noise and mess in ways that everyone can enjoy it.


Learning Outcomes:

- Deeper understanding of sensory processing and the senses

- Discuss the barriers to a harmonious environment 

- The role respect and responsibility plays in good environments

- How to select, arrange and design materials used to create beautiful environments for children

Quality Area 3 Physical environment

Quality Area 5 Relationships with children

2 hour workshop



So you love 'loose parts'? Of course you do!

Watching children use materials in a variety of ways is a fascinating part of our role as educator. This workshop seeks to build knowledge of Simon Nicholson's Loose Part's Theory and challenge ways of preparing, delivering and writing about loose parts in the early childhood education profession.


Learning Outcomes:

- Learn about Simon Nicholson's Theory of Loose Parts

- learn new observational techniques to see the potential in play

- Navigate the barriers of using open-ended materials in early childhood programs

- Effectively plan and document the use of loose parts in the program and sharing this with families.

Quality Area 1 Educational program and practice

2 hour workshop 


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