NQF Basics

A basic overview of the National Quality Framework and our obligations.

This workshop aims to re-fresh the teams knowledge of the NQF, NQS and EYLF. You do not need to know the standards verbatim however you do need to understand how to link your practice to them and use them as a way to map your ongoing quality improvement. 

You will learn about the standards in a fun, meaningful and creative way with this unique practical workshop. 




Are you new to a room leader, educational leader or nominated supervisor position?

Launching in to leadership can be daunting and somewhat overwhelming. This workshop is designed to frame your thinking so that you can concentrate on all the aspect of effective leadership. You will learn about; feedback, delegation, various style of leadership we adopt throughout the day and how to motivate your team with using punishment or rewards.





Been leading for a long time? Need fresh idea on research projects or community connections?

Are you ready for the next level? Often when we have spent some time refining our team and things are running like a well oiled machine, we are ready to look closer at our practice or even venture in to the community with advocacy for early childhood. 

Contact us to see how we can support you to be a visionary and advocate in early childhood with one of the many collaborative research projects we have on offer. 

Some of the topics we have worked on are:

- Nature as our teacher

- Effective collaborations with health professionals

- Valuing play as it is

- Involving Indigenous community members

- Collaborations with Aged Care



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