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Need a refresher on how the planning cycle works?

This webinar takes you through the elements of the planning cycle with a new perspective. You will engage in practical and useful exercises that remind you of what your obligations are when it comes to documentation.

Learning Outcomes:

- Learn about how quality interactions infuse quality writing

- Compare and contrast noticing and observing to to enable more clarity in focus of children's interests

- Learn how to use watch you have noticed to test ideas, implement experiences and decide on intentional teaching techniques

- Compare the difference between themes and pathways of inquiry using embedded critical reflection

- Learn new ways of sharing documentation as an advocacy tool.

QA 1 Educational program and practice

The Planning Cycle

  • By viewing this webinar you agree to engage with the content in a professional manner by not using this webinar for public viewing or sale. This webinar is pre-recorded and is the property of Stone & Sprocket ©

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