Need a refresher on how the planning cycle works?

This workshop takes you through the planning cycle without the boring, long PowerPoint presentation. You will engage in practical and useful exercises that remind you of what your obligations are when it comes to documentation.

Learning Outcomes:

- Learn about how quality interactions infuse quality writing

- Compare and contrast noticing and observing to to enable more clarity in focus of children's interests

- Learn how to use watch you have noticed to test ideas, implement experiences and decide on intentional teaching techniques

- Compare the difference between themes and pathways of inquiry using embedded critical reflection

- Learn new ways of sharing documentation as an advocacy tool.

QA 1 Educational program and practice

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...and other wonderful ways of documenting learning in early childhood

Delve deeper in to how to write great observations, learning stories, summative assessments and even letters to children and parents. 

Learning Outcomes:

- Discuss the importance of writing using correct grammar and spelling

- Write using a variety of lenses e.g. developmental, socio-cultural, post-modern theories

- Understand the process of assessment and various types of assessment used in early childhood e.g. formative, summative

- Reflect on your writing style and make decision about how you want to write for each of the audiences e.g. parents, colleagues, children, the regulator or politicians

QA 1 Education program and practice

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First Aid


Hold on! We're coming! Coming to get you back on track with your program!

Early childhood curriculum does not dictate how we do much of our programming and planning. This can be stressful and confusing at times. It often takes another perspective to get you back on track.

Learning Outcomes:

- Make links between your observations, planning and reflections

- Show actionable planning on the program and teaching techniques used 

- Get in to a rhythm and refine systems for forward planning and spontaneous planning

- Decide on your common language used to describe your documentation systems.


QA 1 Educational program and practice 

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