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Join us for the first of our

Parent Education Seminars & Talks for 2020.

Stone Sprocket Parent Education aims to build parents confidence by sharing knowledge of child development, strategies to understand children and inspiring ideas to have a strong healthy relationship with family and community.




Mingara Recreation Club Tumbi Umbi, NSW

Are you struggling with back chat, tantrums, sibling rivalry ? Maybe you are just wanting to build your knowledge on children's behaviour and why they do the things they do?

This workshop uses the 'Dig Deeper' Analogy to work through 6 things that you can do build your relationship with your child.


We cover:

- Attachment and the importance of connection

- Temperament and how to parent both easy going and slow to warm up children

- Your values and beliefs and the impact they have on your relationship

- Basic needs and how food, sleep and routines can help or hinder the experience

- The senses and how children process the overstimulating or not stimulating enough world

- Play and the importance of the balance between unstructured and intentional play times. 

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