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Leadership Beginners - Launching in to leadership

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Congratulations everyone on your posters so far. If I do not have your poster yet, please see if you can get it posted by the end of the week 24th September.

It is a very simple exercise that can have a really nice ripple effect to the culture of your room. I used to use mantras often with a team I was working with who fell in to a bit of a 'griping' habit. I was careful not to dismiss their feelings and be too 'Mary Poppins' about everything but maintained morale by repeating mantras that I had first developed with the team.

When people are involved in 'lore' or 'rituals' or 'rules' they are more likely to take it on and use it. Make sure if you are going to use your hashtags that you involve others in adding imagery, words or text that helps them to identify with what you have developed.

Please put any questions about culture, mantras and accountability under this thread. I am happy to answer :)


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