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Leadership Beginners - Launching in to leadership

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Thoughts on what I aspire for my room/program:

I believe that as a leader, communication is key. This means communicating my expectations clearly whilst also being sensitive to the educators in the room. I very much like the collaborative leadership style which takes on suggestions and checks in with their team regularly to see how they are going with their responsibilities . This is also my goal when giving feedback. I want to find that balance between clearly outlining my expectations whilst being mindful of how I am communicating this message to the other educators in the room. For example asking questions such as how are you going with your observations this week? how can I help with this? how can we change this? I feel effective communication and being open to educators ideas fosters respect and inspires a balanced and happy work environment , where educators are aware of their responsibilities and feel appreciated. This then has a positive affect on how they interact with the children and carry out their roles.



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