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Hi Team,

Some of you have been unable to access the video. Whilst there are no issues on our end, we think it may be format we used to create the file. With that said, I may need to record this presentation again. I have put up the link to a shortened version that I have used for very similar courses in the past. The only information you would be missing is two scenarios specifically targeted at communication in early childhood contexts, which is what I recorded myself speaking about with you. It is not essential to the answers/task but it would give you a more contextual insight. I am going to be able to re-record these next week.

Thanks again for your patience with technology! We are having a website overhaul in January next year but that doesn't help you very much does it!?? lol. What we have now is very high standard but nothing is perfect.

Let me know how you go this time.


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