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Teach Earth: When the naysayers neigh, hold your head high and ride on.

Teach Earth.

What is the nature of your call?

A call for nature is my call.

You see, I’ve fallen off my perch,

Babies need nature

With all this talk of avoiding the Earth.

Earth you say? We have no play!

For children on this Earth today.

Give them back what was rightfully theirs,

The right to freedom, its only fair.

Fair play, children need to learn,

But the Earth and meaning is what they yearn.

A toy is fun for a minute or one.

But when I’m in nature time is a tonne.

Give me the time to spend it here.

Here on this Earth where I have no fear.

No boxes to tick or crosses to see

Just a teacher who lets me be me.

A teacher who sees the value in Earth

And all it affords from the hour of birth.

Birth to adult, a journey, no stops!

No toys in a packet no brains in a box.

So a call for nature,

Far and wide.

To be what we teach

And teach it with pride.

Rebecca Thompson (M. Ed)

Owner/Director Stone & Sprocket

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