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PLAY IT BY EAR: How's your Christmas face?

The gift of love is all you need at Christmas... ?

Hmmm... We see so many memes and reminders to not put too much value on material items for our children at Christmas time and give them our time, yet society has other ideas. Christmas parties for every group you’re involved with, running around making sure everyone has a present, Christmas photos and an outfit for every occasion.

The stress is real.

So what is it that we can do to make this magical time and this time of excitement and joy positive and memorable for children?

🎄Stop and check in with yourself. Do you really need to go to everything? Do your kids really need that extra outfit or is there something you can revive with a twist from the cupboard?

🎄Mark out an afternoon where you don’t have commitments and drag a mattress or some pillows and blankets in to the lounge room and let them jump for joy in front of the Christmas tree to some music.

🎄Go for a drive late at night to look at Christmas lights with a candy cane treat.

🎄Take some cards to neighbours.

🎄Tell a story about when you were excited at Christmas and what your family used to do.

🎄Do some colouring in together and have a giggle about making crazy colours that don’t belong.

🎄Read some Christmas stories with a twist ‘We Wish You a Ripper Christmas’.

🎄Lay on the floor and laugh until your belly hurts while listening to some Christmas carols.

Kids don’t need the world in toys they just want you to be in their world for a little bit here and there. Gifts are beautiful and exciting, don’t feel guilty if you are buying them things, but get the balance happening.

Unclench your jaw, release your brow and remind yourself that your children are taking cues from you ... excitement or toxic stress?

Here is a recipe from this week!

SPAG BOL without the carbs for me!

500g mince beef

1 can diced tomatoes

1 jar barilla bolognese sauce

Grated carrot

Grated zucchini

Diced onion and garlic

Herbs of your choice

Cauliflower pulsed in to 'rice'

Baby spinach

Cheese on top

Fry up your mice and grated veges and onion garlic etc... really fry it up so the colours come out. Then add in your diced tomatoes and let them cook off, shake over the herbs and pepper and salt and let everything cook with heat down a bit now.

Add over your jar of sauce and bring it to boil then down to simmer for a long time. Keep stirring and adding water if needed.

Steam your cauli

Layer spinach, caulirice, cheese and meat in whatever fashion you like....I did it quickly in a bowl then proceeded to run the bath-bed gauntlet for what is it these days...?.... THREE HOURS!??

I eat carbs but some times I go through phases where taking a break from pasta and bread helps with my fuzzy head.

Keep it real.


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