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Build the climate - Stone & Sprocket Quick Tips.

Here are some quick tips on how to build a climate of respect in an emotionally and socially difficult environment.

Some groups have dynamics that are just not in sync and sometimes children are building on there emotional literacy. They are not gospel, just make them work for you.


Respect children’s ability to choose an activity that is suited to their present learning needs.

Trust each child to use good judgement, interfere only if real danger or unkindness is imminent. Prevent where possible.

Be aware of the entire room.

Avoid over protecting children who lack assertiveness by making aggressors share. Rather encourage passive to ask for a turn and be there to support.

Persistent behaviours need full perspective change e.g more room for throwers and outside for runners.

Avoid shaming by calling entire room to a mistake.

Avoid comparison.

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