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Leadership Beginners - Launching in to leadership

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Goodness gracious! The website has thrown me another curve ball and ended the program (ended in virtual land - not real life) for those who have gone ahead and ticked 'complete' on all tasks before we have been able to upload the next lot of content. Its ok, you didn't do anything wrong, you're all just too quick for me!

Our online system does have some limitations and one of those is that we can not undo steps that have been marked as complete in online programs (I know right!??). If everyone could just pause for Monday while I sort it out that would be great. I will sort it.

Worst case scenario I will have to re-add you back in and we have to take you through the steps again. This wouldn't be the 'end of the world' but I am aware it would be a little extra time for you and that is something we are all strapped for. Therefore I will avoid it at all costs.

I'll be back here tomorrow night with an update. Thanks for your patience here.

You're all doing wonderful work in this course. In the meantime, take your time going back through to see if you have submitted everything thus far and have some juicy discussion in here to tease out anything you do not understand or that gets you excited!


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